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Tom Pike @ Edel Extra

09. Sep 2021 - 24. Sep 2021
Tom Pike im Edel Extra

Tom Pike @ Edel Extra

This is the second exhibition of paintings from Tom Pike. The exhibition focuses on two painting series he started after his last exhibition at Edel Extra, in March 2020.

With the ‘Drawn Curtains’ Series, Tom recalls the times when his imagination would conjure up faces in the decoratively patterned curtains of his childhood and creates new suggestive patterns to learn what’s lying dormant in his mind as an adult.

Tom describes the work in his ‘Wrong’ series as, “the final resting place of paintings that didn’t go to plan”.


09.09-24.09.2021 (17-20 Uhr)

Vernissage 08.09.2021 (19-22 Uhr)


  • Datum: 09. Sep 2021 - 24. Sep 2021
  • OrtMüllnerstr. 22, 90429 Nürnberg
  • KuratorEdel Extra

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