This month in music 12/17

Monster Rally Flowering Jungle

Cyrena Dunbar shares the newest releases and live music for the month and let’s us in on what’s worth listening to and seeing live in and around Nuremberg.


Monster Rally
Flowering Jungle
Gold Robot 15.12.2017

Cut and paste is the name of the game behind Ted Feighans‘ production method and his newest effort Flowering Jungle takes us yet again on a voyage through grooving visions of tropical exotica.

Washed up recycled beats and samples bloom in a hip-hop orientated collage, inspired by travel, nature documentaries and the enchantment of escapism. Once the needle drops, one slips into the overlaid and at times repetitively hypnotic loops, and vinyl surface noises glisten, enveloping you into an artificial beachside getaway.

Monster Rally "Flowering Jungle" Gold Robot Records

Monster Rally „Flowering Jungle“ Gold Robot Records

Garnished as usual with his own collage art-work, Monster Rally serves the cheesiest and sleaziest paradise blend of moods an obscure mid-century collection of hip-hop and easy listening vinyl can offer. A surreal crate-diggers cocktail for drifting.

Various Artists "Habibi Funk" Habibi Funk

Various Artists „Habibi Funk“ Habibi Funk

Various Artists
Habibi Funk
An Eclectic Selection of Music From the Arab World
Habibi Funk 01.12.2017

Around two years back, reissue specialist Jannis Stuertz set up the Habibi Funk imprint in Berlin to broaden his bliss for forgotten music from the Arab world and shine light on earlier generations best kept musical secrets.

The records, from Islamic and Arabic cultures too often misunderstood, find their way to the ears of a western audience, and offer a sense of closeness when compiled, and rediscovered in new environments. A carefully filtered collection of partly unpolished western-mimicking pop music gems, crossing borders from North Africa to the Middle East, earning a rightful introduction to the countries where classic funk, surf, jazz, R&B, disco and soul originated.

While qualitatively differing, these 16 crossovers (5 unreleased until now) slipped between the cracks, and tell a weird and worthy story about world music of the late 60s to early 80s.


21.12. – 20:00

New Candys + Van Hazy  // Z-bau
Venician velvety fuzzed-out psych with dark and droning levitational mystic
Psychadelic vintage indie-pop trio from Bamberg Germany

>>> more info


22.12. – 20:30

Frieder Nagel – Cluster // Festsaal Künstlerhaus

Electronic live-set bridging contemporary classic with underground sound. A modulation of modern ambient, in cooperation with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Essen

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