This month in music 10/17

RED ON RED ON Verydeeprecords 29.09.2017 , © Philipp Dittmar

Cyrena Dunbar shares the newest releases and live music for the month and let’s us in on what’s worth listening to and seeing live in and around Nuremberg.



King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard With Mild High Club
Sketches Of Brunswick East
Pias Coop / Heavenly 2017

The incredibly prolific Melbourne based garage-psych band around Stu Mackenzie was planning to release 4 full length albums in 2017.

As if that wasn’t enough, a couple years touring and countless hours hanging in the studio with the freakishly mellowed out Los Angeles based Mild High Club, has resulted in them surprising us with a collaboration.

So yes, that makes Sketches the third release of five! King Gizzards’ diverse output, a cocktail of driven mathematical double-drum syncopations and slithering weirdo fuzz,  meets the warped and marshmallowy feeling that makes up Mild High Clubs’ sound.

With a nod to sampling culture, the bands melted ideas together through improvisation sessions thriving on their different approaches, and pieced the album together like sketches of time turned inside out a few times in the process.

The title leans towards Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, and King Gizzards’ hood in  Melbourne.  The album is already available digitally, with vinyl due out on October 13th.


Verydeeprecords 29.09.2017 

Electronic music with focus on slowness rather than typically destined for the dance floor is an intention when it comes to RED ON.

His process, whether in studio or on stage, yields from a specific care for the handmade and experimental ventures in electronic soundscaping, and boarders between club, pop, and sound-installation.

Approachable yet trailing house-grooves, drifting rhythms, claps, guitars, layered drones and drums channel together to crumble or dissolve again into noise. Momentary post-rock veils fall over nearly danceable beats, while clouds of individual cracklings shift into deep ends.

RED ON will be live wrapping up a tour to promote the new album in Goldvinyl Nuremberg on October 15th with SCHWEBEN.

The album is avalible digitally and on vinyl on September 29th.

For more info see verydeeprecords.com



02.10. – 19:00

Sophia Kenedy, Felix Kubin, Minden and more //  Jubiläum #2 // Z-bau

>>> more info

05.10. – 20:30

Blind Butcher + special guests // Zentralcafé Kaya
Irritating post-punk disco kraut rockabilly weirdo trash with NDW moments from Switzerland. One of voodoo rhythm records misfits; impossible to explain, with glitter on top.

>>> more info

18.10. – 20:30

Lali Puna // Z-bau
german electro-pop band around korean singer and keyboarder Valerie Trebeljahr, on tour again after releasing her first album since 2010.

>>> more info

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