Start Featured Artist Alexandre Karaïvanov – Kunstnürnberg Featured Artist #18

Alexandre Karaïvanov – Kunstnürnberg Featured Artist #18

Exhibition Colour DeLuxe at the Edel Extra e.V.

''Distow 4', 20-20cm, Colour Pencil on Paper 2015, © Alexandre Karaivanov

Alexandre Karaïvanov is Kunstnürnberg Featured Artist #18 and opens an exhibition titled Colour DeLuxe at the Edel Extra (Müllnerstrasse 22, 90429) Nürnberg in Gostenhof, Nürnberg.

Alexandre Karaïvanov – Exhibition Colour DeLuxe at the Edel Extra e.V.

Portrait Alexandre Karaïvanov

Come again? Drawings, Photography and Objects? Why would someone come up with such an heterogeneous combination? Does it even mean something? Well, take it as it is, all those assembled pieces function as a Post-Pop Satanist Mass, each artefact and material projected through the prism of the well known ‘WTF / Do It Yourself / YOLO’ Pentagram.

A real Turn-on! Back in the USSR! Right through Aldous Huxley’s perceptions doors, landing on H.S.Thompson and R. Steadman’s Motel room on a trip to the glorious Kentucky Derby!

Cut, Scan, Shoot, Distort and Tape it all over with the best Al Qaida’s glittery DuctTape!! No need to be prepared! Don’t meditate! Watch YouTube till your brain leaks!

Then come right up and gobble those exquisitely fine mind-throttling visual Cristal-Meth shoots, as you mingle with those lovely crossed eyed bastards from the Akademie der Bildenen Künste in Nürnberg, suavely offering you these well earned Savage fungoid drinks, cryogenized, shaken-not-stirred, with a slice of lime and umbrella for the real verwöhnt-gourmets that you are!!!

C U all There, on this special spectral social encounter, Banshees are welcome with personal identification! (Text: Alexandre Karaïvanov)

”Distow 4′, 20-20cm, Colour Pencil on Paper 2015, © Alexandre Karaïvanov
‘Distwo5-Friss’, 20-20cm, Colour Pencil on Paper, 2015, © Alexandre Karaïvanov
‘Distow 2’, 24-20cm, Colour Pencil-Paper, 2015© Alexandre Karaïvanov
‘Distow1’, 20-20cm, Colour Pencil, Paper,2015 © Alexandre Karaïvanov
“Le Grand Marcel Duchiotte Serie”, Digital Photography, 2013, © Alexandre Karaïvanov
“Fish, No Chips” 60 by 90 cm, White Crayon on Mylar, 2014, © Alexandre Karaïvanov
“Krucified Krok”, 60 by 90cm, White Crayon on Mylar, Film, 2014, © Alexandre Karaïvanov
“Me And The Gang”, 90 by 60 cm, White Crayon on Mylar, 2014, © Alexandre Karaïvanov
Free is the Magic Number, 10 by 15cm, Colour, Pencil on Paper, 2012, © Alexandre Karaïvanov

Alexandre Karaivanov – Exhibitions and Vita

  • 2015    “Colour DeLuxe”, Edel Extra, Nürnberg
  • 2015    “Newcamera Exhibition”, HGB Leipzig, Klasse Heidi Specker
  • 2015    “Differentz”, Pasinger Fabrik, München
  • 2015    “You’re Just Too Good To Be True”, CFA Gallery Berlin, Organized by Jürgen Teller and Tal R.
  • 2014    “We’ve Got The Look”, Jürgen Teller’s Class, Akademie Galerie, Nürnberg  Germany
  • 2014     “Nice-Eins”, Nürnberg Germany
  • 2013     “Fluss”, Robert Voit’s Class, Pasinger Fabrik, München
  • 2012     “Prospekt /Vorhang”, Neues Museum, Nürnberg
  • 2012     “Ein Fach ist Ein Fach ist Ein Fach”, Akademie Galerie, Nürnberg


  • 2015   AdbK Nürnberg, Jürgen Teller’s Class / HGB Leipzig, Heidi Specker’s Class
  • 2014   AdbK München, Karin Kneffel’s Class / AdbK Nürnberg, Jürgen Teller’s Class
  • 2013   Akademie der bildenden Künste München – Germany, Karin Kneffel’s Class
  • 2011   Akademie der bildenden Künste Nürnberg – Germany, Ralph Fleck’s Class
  • 2002   Master in Geology, Paris XI University  –  France


Informations for Visitors – Edel Extra e.V.

Lesen Sie auch den Artikel Impressionen der Eröffnung der Ausstellung Colour Deluxe im Edel Extra e.V.

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