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Painter Michael Jampolski from Nürnberg

Michael Jampolski: Genesis

Michael Jampolski was born in Baku, in 1973, and now lives and works in Nuremberg. From an early age, he was involved in academic illustrations and architecture, helping his sister with her projects for university.

His first orders for ink drawings were received at thirteen years old, which is the same age he created his first oil paintings. After graduating from university, Jampolski moved to Moscow, where he was later under the apprenticeship of Moscow’s painters, masters of an art called “Severe Style”.

While in Moscow, he also participated in various artistic projects, carried out numerous private orders, and worked on developing jewelry design. During this time, he moved from the heart of Russia to his home, glorious Azerbaijan, where he also worked on orders and completed a series of oil paintings.

In 2003, Jampolski moved to Germany, where he continued to work intensively by creating series of graphic works, photography and most important oil paintings. With the helf of all this work he started creating his own art concept.

Beeing involved in different cultural projects made him to an important part of the local art community. Jampolski’s work can be viewed at many art displays, galleries and community centers in Nuremberg. 

Michael Jampolski: The Garden Of Gethsemane
Michael Jampolski: Anbetung Der Könige
Michael: Jampolski: Rund Um Den Münchner Flughafen, 110×97 cm
Michael: Jampolski: Darwin’s Dream, 140×107 cm
Michael: Jampolski: Swestern, 125×90 cm
Michael Jampolski: My Sugar Alice In Plastic Roses, 30×24 cm
Michael: Jampolski: Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht, 70×50 cm
Michael: Jampolski: GAMEBOY, 70×50 cm
Michael Jampolski: Big Fish, 30×24 cm
Michael Jampolski: Bacchus, 30×24 cm
Michael Jampolski: ANDRA TUTTOBENE, 30×24 cm
Michael: Jampolski: Controller, 60×60 cm

Michael Jampolski – Webseite und Instagram

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