Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Pollinator Pathmaker, Serpentine Edition Garden, 2022. Back to Earth exhibition at Serpentine North (22 June – 18 September). Installation view. © readsreads.info. Courtesy Serpentine

Pollinator by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Pollinator Pathmaker is a campaign to make art for pollinators, planted and cared for by humans. We want to transform how we see gardens and who we make them for. Created by the artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, this one-of-a-kind interspecies artwork is commissioned by the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK. Digital rendering of Pollinator Pathmaker, Eden Project Edition Garden (detail)., Pollinator […]

Seba Calfuqueo, Tray Tray Ko, video, 6’13, 2022, film still, photo by: Sebastian Melo.

Back to Earth at Serpentine, London

Back to Earth is Serpentine’s long-term, interdisciplinary, artistic programme responding to the urgent climate crisis. The programme features an exhibition staged at Serpentine North from 22 June to 18 September 2022, with further works situated in Serpentine’s restaurant The Magazine and further afield in Kensington Gardens. Back to Earth also features an extensive live programme with activations during the exhibition and for the next two years.
Evoking responses to the climate emergency and spotlighting a multitude of durational perspectives from across the globe, Back to Earth reflects how we can learn from diverse experiences to create change.

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