Tom Pike

Tom Pike


Tom Pike (b.1978, Stockport, UK) lives and works in Nurnberg, Germany, where he started painting in 2019.

Tom graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003, with a Masters’ degree in Menswear Fashion. He currently works as Sportswear Design Director at adidas and paints at the weekends in his basement.

Tom showed his first solo exhibition at the Edel Extra gallery (Gostenhof, Nurnberg) in March 2020 and his second at the same location in September 2021.

Artist Statement

„My work acknowledges the poignant moments of conciousness that occur during the application of certain techniques in my chosen medium.

I rarely start with a theme or subject in mind. This helps me work free from expectation and notice my own thoughts and feelings. I find sanctuary in imagination and intuition, whilst I follow a playful and unpredictable creative journey.

Notable aspects of repetition can be found in my work as it helps bring a meditative quality to the process. I rely on instinct, imagination and an accumulation of practical experience to direct my work and I have developed techniques that embrace chance, which helps uncover my own original thought. As I paint, my inner dialogue forges the subject of the paintings and the techniques act as the aesthetic framework.

I paint to challenge myself, conspire with my imagination, and to reveal aspects of my nature.“

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