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Heyon Han – Kunstnürnberg Featured Artist #27

© Heyon Han

Heyon Han is Kunstnürnberg Featured Artist #27.

She participates in the exhibition Terra recognita at Z-Bau in Nürnberg (22. Apr – 01.Mai 2016)

Meet the artist at the Opening on 22th of April 2016, 19:30

A Certain Portable Calculator by Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

handle 1.

Let’s say there’s a calculator and it has 23 handles. It needs inputs so it can create outputs.

handle 2.

To make judgment on any matter that lacks logical agreement the calculator has to offer a certain system, this system increases the perception of social support – the importance of this is enough for me to bother telling you – it’s about a way of being.

handle 3.

An input could be a memo that fell from the sky, it could be written without any meaningful intent. We as a certain portable calculator can make judgments with operations using inputs and outputs. This doesn’t necessarily involve evaluation, what matters is the decision making method; it opens practice to a new way of mapping.

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

handle 4.

Mapping with desultory orientation leads us to encounter the object in a most democratic way.

handle 5.

Surface persists for its histories. The surface therefore can be abandoned. Things with heavy surfaces are bound to accumulate; they need to be made lighter, or better still without surface at all. A shift then can happen reframing the form and making the surface transferrent. This shift carries the time and value of its origin, its ego, its identity; maybe memory makes you who you are. A shift from history is critical in making an artwork.

handle 6.

Sculpture suggests the world that cannot be seen all at once.

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

handles 7.

Walk for yourself

handle 9.

Any moving image works as a source of light and indication of time. Being in time is like living in some other creature.

handle 10.

I call history as actions. It requires effort to go through them then, what remains are holes – what I gotta do is look carefully into these and enlarge them.

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

handle 11.

handle 12.

handle 13.

Disappointment is a great place to start: however to avoid disappointment you have to be responsible about your ear. It’s a way to have control of things that you know you can’t have control over. This is a description of the temporal moment in which you being the object hold two different horizons.

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

handle 14.

Failure makes things worth doing, as we know there’s the nature when there’s unexpected raining nevertheless forecast. Failure is part of nature; it’s not a mistake. Showing the presence of the non-functional can liberate something.

handle 15.

An error can be physically fixed.

handle 16.

Meteorwrongs are the iconoclasm of meteorites. As man-made objects they managed at least once to shift one’s mind through the atmosphere.

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

handle 17.

There are many dustless artists. I am not one.

handle 18.

handle 19.

An obsession with milk has to be treated with extra care.

handle 20.

It’s all about how you engage with the world.

handle 21.

handle 22.

handle 23.

We are all familiar with these magical sticks.

(Text Heyon Han)

Heyon Han – Vita

© Heyon Han

© Heyon Han

Born on 22. April 1985 in Busan, Republic of Korea

  • 2010 Hongik University. Fine Art Bachelor. Seoul, Korea
  • currently living in Germany: Student at the Akademie der Bildende Künste in Nürnberg

Project & Activities

  • 2015 „Performance“ On Dynamics and Monuments, Kunstverein Nürnberg
  • 2015 „It’s supposed to be light“ Creperie Yeched Mad
  • 2015 Enlarging „The Serving Library“ Tate Liverpool
  • 2014 „Walking (in) between“ Figure of Conjunction, Kunstverein Nürnberg 2014 „First Pancake“ publishing & open commentary project
  • 2014 „Retreat in progress, our tent is open except when shut.“
  • 2014 „Rupture Caption“ DIE VITRINE Nürnberg
  • 2014 „blue screen“ Side AB, Boracay, Phillipinnes
  • 2013 „Ich koche für dich“ Klassen Preis. ADBK Nürnberg


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